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Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions

Frequently Asked Enrollment Questions

  Q: I have misplaced my child’s social security card.  How do I obtain a copy?

 A:  An application for a social security card will need to be completed and taken to a local Social Security Administration office along with other required documents (call the social security administration for a list of those documents).  Listed below is the link to download the application.

        Social Security Administration   –  (800) 772-1213

    Q: I rented or purchased my home within the last 30 days and have not yet received a utility bill.  What documentation do I need to provide?

 A: Contact your local utility company to obtain documentation that service is pending.  Be sure that this documentation states the physical address of the residence.

 Q: I live with someone else and do not have any utilities in my name.  What documentation do I need to provide?

 A:  If you are living at a property with the owner or renter of the property in Bulloch County, a Residence Affidavit signed by the primary resident of the home and subscribed and sworn before a district school employee OR Notary Public must be completed.   Owner of property must provide two proofs of residency.


   Georgia Power   (888) 660-5890

   Excelsior EMC        (912) 764-2123

  Bulloch Telephone Company  (912) 865-1100

  Brooklet Water Department  (912) 842-2137


  All students entering Georgia and all students transferring from other Georgia schools must have a Certificate of Immunization Form 3231 on file.  Out-of-state forms are not acceptable.   Records may be transferred to Georgia forms at local health departments or at your private physician’s office.

 Effective July 1, 2007 for entrance into grade six(6th), students must have a total of two(2) doses of measles vaccine, two (2) does of mumps vaccine, one (1) does of rubella vaccine and two (2) does of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

(form 3300) 

 This can be obtained from a Georgia County Health Department or private physician, and dentist.

  Q:  How do I obtain a Georgia Immunization form and/or EED(Eye/Ear, & Dental) Form?

 A:  Contact your child’s (Georgia) medical provider or visit the Bulloch County Health Department.

 If you have completed forms from another state, you must visit the Bulloch County Health Department or a Georgia medical provider to have the information translated to the approved Georgia forms.

  Bulloch County Health Department
  Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00

  1 Altman St.
  Statesboro, GA 30458