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Celebrating 100 Years

Centennial Celebration Invitation

You're Invited

The Centennial Celebration will commence with a ceremony that unites current and former students, teachers, staff, and dedicated supporters of the school. Within the school building, historical exhibitions, engaging activities, and crafts will offer a captivating glimpse into the evolution of Nevils School over the decades. Nevils School extends a heartfelt invitation to everyone to join them in commemorating this special moment in the history and future of Nevils School. Let us come together to celebrate our shared history, rekindle old connections, and forge new ones as we collectively embark on the next chapter of Nevils School. This centennial celebration is a testament to the resilience, growth, and enduring legacy of this beloved institution.

Our History

Founded in 1924, Nevils School has stood as an educational cornerstone in the rural south end of Bulloch County for a century. As the school joyfully celebrates its centennial this school year, it reflects on a remarkable journey of education and community.

Over the past 100 years, Nevils Elementary has been a steadfast institution, imparting knowledge to the lives of thousands of individuals, witnessing generations of families passing through its halls. Remarkably, the school currently boasts third-generation families among its attendees, with some former students returning as teachers and contributors to its rich history.

Throughout its centennial journey, Nevils School has weathered various changes and challenges, experiencing both trials and triumphs. In 1941, a fire posed a significant setback, but the school persevered. One of the most challenging periods in the school's history occurred when closure seemed imminent. The community rallied with petitions, meetings, and impassioned advocacy to keep the school doors open. Thanks to their dedication, Nevils School not only survived but thrived, marking a monumental victory.

From 1943 to 1952, Nevils School accommodated grades 1-11. Additionally in 1953, grade 12 was added and in 1960, kindergarten was introduced. In an outstanding achievement, Nevils School was recognized as a National School of Excellence, showcasing its commitment to educational excellence.

A pivotal moment came in 2007 when a new, modern school building replaced the old one, bringing a burst of color and technological advancements to the learning environment. While using its historical charm, the new school additionally integrated the preserved oak trees from the original property.

Today, Nevils Elementary proudly stands as an icon in the community, delivering quality education to students in a geographic area of southeast Georgia. Nevils School has been the educational hub for the rural community of Nevils, GA, since its inception.

The school's journey mirrors its commitment to students, evidenced by the multigenerational attendance and the enduring legacy of its impact on the community. To honor this significant milestone, Nevils School has meticulously planned a series of events and activities that reflect on our educational journey, celebrate our numerous achievements, and envision the future that lies ahead.